Joy Crocker  1928 - 2006

Composer, pianist, organist, music director, choir director, teacher, peace activist.

Church Women United, CA, Civic & Legislative Chair

1996 Woman of the Year Business and Professional Womens Club of Oakland

Student of Paul Hindemith at Yale, Masterclass student of Karl Schnabel
 Joy Crocker

Born June 12, 1928 in San Antonio, Texas
Died Friday, April 21, 2006, Charlottesville, Virginia

Thank you, everyone who attended and performed at Joy's memorial concert June 18, 2006
at First Presbyterian Church, Oakland, CA [program]

Read Laramie's Eulogy delivered at Plymouth Church June 24.

eMail  Laramie for more details.

Listen to pieces from Joy's upcoming CD here, presented as Free files. Joy wanted to share these with everyone, especially those who touched her life: her students, collaborators, friends and family.
You can also download the entire disc as WAV, MP3, ZIP, etc. at the Internet Archive

    Debussy: Claire du Lune WAVMP3
    Chopin: Waltz in C# Minor WAVMP3
    Bach: Bist Du Bie Mir WAVMP3
    Bach: Arioso WAVMP3
    Bach: Minuet WAVMP3
    Chopin: 1 WAVMP3
    Chopin: 2 WAVMP3
    Chopin: 3 WAVMP3
    Chopin: Etude in C# minor WAVMP3
    Beethoven: Fur Elise WAVMP3
    Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata WAVMP3
    Beethoven: Pathetique WAVMP3
    Schumann: Traumerei WAVMP3
    Beethoven: Farewell To The Piano WAVMP3
    Debussy: Arabesque WAVMP3
    * Ave Maria/Prelude in CWAVMP3

* A note on the Ave Maria / Prelude in C by Bach/Gounod/Crocker -- Charles Gounod wrote a melody for Ave Maria on top of Bach's Prelude in C, and it is normally performed by some combination of vocalist, keyboard and strings.  Joy made this unique, beautiful arrangement for solo piano.

Listen to Joy in the studio on the piano and Hammond B3, on Laramie Crocker's album "Welcome to Club Fed"

On "Welcome to Club Fed, playing the piano:
On "Welcome to Club Fed", playing the piano: Club Fed
On "Welcome to Club Fed", playing the Hammond B3: The Nattering Nabob of Nepotism

Soon to come: a CD of Joy's original compositions, and classical repertoire recorded in March 2006.  
eMail  Laramie for details.